Saturday, July 31, 2010

YouTube and My Midnight Online Moments

It is a Happy Saturday.

Below is my breakfast (bacon, egg and Four Ref Fruit Tea):

I had fun spending the day cleaning our room and removing stuff from the shelves. 
Stuff that gone astray from their designated places. 
And it happened because I fail to notice the disarray on  my usually well-placed room. 
And also being busy is a good excuse to be lousy and plain lazy to organize anything.

And now that everything (except the closet) are on its proper place, photos can be posted in few minutes. 

I have to admit though that there are two bags labeled (on my mind) "no particular place for the moment".
I will continue cleaning up tomorrow. I have to get my sleep though.

SO here are my bento photos:

 cheese sandwich, choco mallows, fruits and gummy candy

choco hazelnut sandwich (heart and star shaped), cherries,and car-shaped cheese

 lazy bento. everything was bought. and i think i missed some stickers while editing this picture. lol. (see middle part of photo)

More photos tomorrow. Food photos.


I remember an old friend who used to sing this song to me. 
We had our long history of fights and misunderstanding because we were both not ready to commit in a relationship that time. 
It sounds like some soap but he did promised to marry me when he comes back (he worked overseas) and I am still single.
I got married few months before he came home.

not that great video though.but it is the most presentable one i found :D

Here's for a young love that should have been but I am glad that turned into a great friendship.

Friday, July 30, 2010


It was a fun filled day.
Since finally I am not on the denial stage (re examination this August), things will be more busy around here. I am  not sure though if I will be able to squeeze everything in but my priority now is to cram in every lessons missed and finish at least half of my paper. I should not be discussing it here since I have a blog about school but just to let you know what have been keeping me from bento this day. 

Now that I have that posted, here is my Friday Fun activities:

Today is the last day of one of our staff so we had a lunchout instead of the usual crackers/ramen in the pantry. 
Sorry, no photos. my bad. 

We had a "scramble". That sweet pink colored crushed ice (and milk) with powdered milk on top that we used to buy when we were kids. We bought it at the mall and happy to be eating the street food with an assurance that it passed quality control. 

Then I had fun printing some Ta Da list. I will post below the links on this "to-do-list"and much more.

My classmates came and visited me since I have not been attending their review lately. I am happy to see them as well.

I started working on the data of my paper.

Cancel meeting next week (Agency Directors) and happy to plan of skipping work on Monday. Unfortunately I have to go to work since we will be transferring on the other office.

Found the tea that I have been looking for: Twinnings Four Red Fruit. 

In addition to that I also bought a jar of nutella and a bag of oatmeal (with raisin, banana and pineapple). 

I promised to blog more. even if I am busy.

No photos today. I will try tonight. 

Have a great weekend.



List of downloadables and organization link (+ some for home management)

  1. Living Locurto
  2. I am an Organizing Junkie
  3. Get Creative with Pink
  4. My Daily Randomness
  5. The Blog Train Blog
  6. Little Paper Dog
  7. I am not sure what is the name of this flickr account but on blog referred this account and says the photos there are free (for wallpaper).
  8. Daisy Jane
  9. Creating Keepsakes
  10. The Small Objects
  11. June Pfaff Daley
  12. Creature Comforts
and one more blog for Mom's out there:

IXL for online lessons for kiddos

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Miss This Space

I have been busy the past week on missed deadlines and review. 
That's my lame excuse for the lack of posting.

I did not forget this space, in fact there are bunch of photos on my camera that is waiting to be uploaded. 
There are plenty of time but there are plenty of things to do to fill them up easily. 

But I did not forget blogging. Particularly Bento.

I have frequented stores for bento accessory hunt and I often see these but never realized its usefulness:
image via Hawaii 's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids

Now I know where to use them. It could have saved me few minutes if I got them earlier. 
Anyway. I am happy to learn something new today.

On the work related post, I am happy to announce that everything is okay. I have my list of to do and everything seems to be moving towards the list of have done. 

Sidebar will be updated for blogs with loads of kid bento (easier to do).

Having a great Tuesday. Hope you do, too.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Break Away

That's all I want.

I need a break from all these politics*.

Asking around, I found out there is more life out there. 

On those places he called jungle. And I don't care if there is an army waiting to jump in once I left this post.
I want a more professional environment. 
A more respectable politics where you don't always get the blame.

I understand that it somehow mold me into a stronger person. 
But that person is unhappy and always put barriers/walls when dealing with people.

I need a life that is simple:

relaxing enough to energize me
challenging enough to make me creative.

Enjoy life.

I have at least four months more to change direction.

It is time for the Engineer to wake up. My mind was already made up.

* politics = Social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Good Start

Although some people can be annoying and disappointing, it wont be reason to ruin my day.
It seems that interest on my work is starting to wear off. 
Office mates are annoying and rude. 
But then, this is not the first time that she did that to me. 
To think that I think highly of her. 
but what do you expect.

I am happy.
Hubby is not late.
I am sipping my second cup now while writing this entry.
First, a coffee.
Now, my favorite Japanese green tea.

I am happy and contented enough to ignore her. 
And take note of putting some distance between her and myself in the future.

On happy thoughts, this one from sweden will be copied on my home-to-be since we are trying to go for the minimalist look. 

image via Small Space Style

i love the colors on this one from Small Space Style

Dancing on Wednesday. 

Will be off to the Library for my paper. 

Monday, July 5, 2010


I am not vain but it seems that running on the opposite direction can do damage on one's self esteem. 
Especially when you are not getting any younger.
 When I was 27 years old (and younger) , being yourself {your own stylist} seems okay. 

but lately.

Oh, well. 

My point is, even if you took good care of yourself and avoided fatty foods, metabolism slows down when you reach 30. 
Even if you are Asian. 

The Hubby thinks I am fit. 
Something I do not agree. 
The evidence is the bulge on my tummy. 
Fats screaming.

For my 5' height and being slim my whole life {until I reached my 29th birthday}, it is scary to load fat fast.
I am hoping to lessen my food intake and increase my exercise. 
I always link procrastination with fat. 
My idea of being healthy is getting slim. 

slim = can move around quickly=healthy=high stamina

and being fat slows me down [even if it is more on psychological]

and it means you can wear what you want without worrying about size.

maybe i should start on my diet. 




ohne Titel

ohne Titel by Cookierella featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags

 and this one too:

ohne Titel

ohne Titel by Cookierella featuring Miu Miu bags

I will start on buying weighing scales.  
and watching my food intake.
then try to run  few miles {wii game will do}

I am having a great day. 
I added some links on my inspiration category (sidebar)

and the photos uploaded here are from polyvore.
I am trying my hand on them and maybe add some link here later. 
You can comment if you like. 
Just try to be nice. 

have a great day.
tomorrow is review/research day for me so I am not around.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bubbling Brook

I remember being told few weeks ago that I should love my job. 
That was coming from my boss.
Don't ask me. I am still trying to figure out what's going on when he told me that. 

Let me whine a little about my job. 

image via Willkommen to Marnie's house on the interwebs
maybe, i do not love that job much that choosing it over my class is not worth considering.
maybe, being there even if all of the other scholars are already home browsing their lectures for the upcoming exam is not love enough.

i actually have something to say about that during the time he voiced out that suggestion.
but i have to stop myself since it seems i pissed him off already when told about one of his most favored agency can not update their own database.

its not my fault if they are not able to keep up with the expectation, right? or if i can see how slackers they can get, most of the time.

i am whining now, after few weeks of keeping it quite because i want to understand the situation. but it seems the longer i try to reason it out to myself that maybe he is right, the more angry i am.
the more convinced that it is not my fault. 
biased opinion irates me the most.
and i am convinced that i have enough.

alright. done with the ramblings. 
a new leadership is on the way. 
i will stay awhile. 
like before.
then maybe, i will settle permanently somewhere.

image via  Ma Boys' Illustration Blog

and this brought me to some sites.

wonder what is close to my heart?
aside from bento?

i buy art supplies when i can.
lots of them.
painting materials.
sketch books.
they attract me like magnet.
i get drawn to them.
even if i avoid the school supplies.

i am adding art-related links on my blog. if interested, look at the sidebar.

image via The Draw and Cook

 image via Gennine's Art Blog

 image via Happy Doodle Land

it makes me happy.
even if work is a little bit demoralizing.
it makes me sing.
now, if only i can start working.

doodles on paper.

it's art.
maybe, it is even my destiny.
heck. mathematics is an art. believe me. 
know the laws and rules of math.
then apply them without the restriction of following everything by letter. 
its art. you will  love it.

singing my heart for a Happy Monday.

Tomorrow, we will try to be earlier. the hubby was late again.

i will be buying this:

i have to choose where, though.
a multiply seller (bought there my camera last summer) is selling it for 9k. cash basis.
an electronic/gadget store sells it for 14k (12 mos, 0% on credit card)

let me think about it. 
but it is definitely on my list.
a reward or something.
maybe for reviewing hard for the coming exam, perhaps?
i need inspiration. 
this one will do.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Domestic Bliss

I promised on the other blog that more time will be spent on schoolwork. 
Unfortunately, I caught the flu bug and have to slow down again. 
Now that I am back on my feet, although still coughing once in awhile and sleepy from the pills that hopefully heals me, a mountain load of neglected/not prioritized waiting to be loved. 

But before that, let me post some wonderful domestic space that inspires me a lot.
By the way, I have over due bento photos that will be posted once they were able to make it to my desktop at home. 

For now, here are the wonderful cozy homes that will influence my design of our nest:

i am planning to have white walls and furniture. 
and i love the red and yellow highlights on this photo.
Although I envy those white sofa (image from Apartment Therapy), buying one for my home-to-be is next to impossible. I will probably spend time worrying about the sofa, so i'll have it on my blog instead. so i can stare and imagine how good crispy white is.


We are homebody. 
We spend hours of our free time at home, talking about work, school, old flames, favorites, manga, anime, movies and rpg & video games. 
Going out means we want something else to eat (we got tired eating pork-based menus) and grocery. 

And the photo above is a great idea for people like us who occupy lots of desk/table space for our games and internet surfing time. 
I love this design. we can surf/play games side by side.

loft idea. It is still a study for me on how to go about the railings for the loft. It must be kid safe home. 

white kitchen, white cupboards, white dining table and orange chairs! 
I love it. 
well, i can let go some of the cupboards or cupboard doors to give it a minimalist effect. 
this is on my list, definitely!

that sitting area on the window is fab. I heart it so much. 

 this is for small spaced home. or guest room bath. 

this is a pretty garden. 

back to rooms inside the house, i like the color combination on this one:

obviously, when it comes to color of my home i am leaning towards white. For one, it means conservation of energy. white rooms needs less lighting. dust can be easily seen, hence keeping it neat and tidy is easier. color combination is less difficult since white can be paired with everything. old furniture compliments white wall. and white gives you that refreshing feeling. 

i have so many sites to post but taking much time to copy and paste.

how about you? any color you prefer for your home?

(image credit: Apartment Therapy)


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