Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello there... has been a  long while since I posted anything here.

Real life has been busy and everything online that is not work related has taken the backseat. We are still adjusting with the addition in the family but I realized that it should inspire me to blog more.

So for starters, let me tell you busy life makes you love list and planners. I know, it's almost the end of the year and I just got myself a cute handy planner. But you see, the good thing about those being sold out there is that they are DIYs and perpetual. Which means one can start anytime of the year!

Here's my colorful planner and some craft tools:

Sticky notes, colored paper tapes, colored pens and school  planner
I love almost everything on white but sometimes I indulge myself specially on planners.

Colorful = inspiration.

By the way, Christmas is just around the corner. Do you already have a list of gift? I will be preparing mine soon.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Revisiting Resolutions

This year has been a "no specific direction type of year" for me. I don't have any listed resolutions, but I do have few things that I want to do with no outcomes in particular:

1. be more eco-friendly
2. blog at least once a month
3. enjoy/love my job
4. explore/travel
5. organize/declutter
6. financial declutter/organize

Two days ago I started at my new job. It was a hard decision to make, leaving the previous one because it was the typical government job that most people wanted to have. Something that bothers me because I love working on pressing deadlines. With the new job, i thought it was the same with my former job when I was still under an executive office. On my third day, I am bored and dreading going back to work. The horror stories are starting to catch up on me. The terror boss that they described has not surfaced yet but I am already on the job seekers' wagon.  I will try to stick with my item no. 3 for awhile. Try to love this job.

Do you have anything that bothers you lately?

*** I purchased new bento accessories lately. I will be posting them later.

Found this wonderful blogger with her list of linky party that I will probably read for awhile.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Organizing: Blog and Home

I promised an "at least one entry" monthly. And this month has been a lot of realizations to me. As much as I wanted to blog daily and talk about the things that happens here and what I think of them, I am keeping my rants on my twitter because I don't want to bore you with my endless complains about my career and homemaking (or the lack of it).

On the home making area: I am taking things one step at a time and tackled last month our tiny refrigerator. Yes, tiny. I can't keep more than a week worth of frozen goods in our small freezer that comes with the ref. And a less than a week goods clutters the very small space that the ref offers:

I went to the dollar store (Japan Homes store) and bought this pack of life saver for a dollar (around 66 pesos):

and turned the tiny refrigerator into a more pleasant looking cold storage. Of course I wipe it down clean before returning everything.

It is looking better now.

Do you feel better after cleaning/organizing? i do!

And since we are talking of organizing, I recently removed the chat box in this blog because it became a venue for spamming. Honestly, I understand the need to promote your blogs or websites but spamming my chatbox with links that are totally different from what you are trying to imply on your messages left on the chat is can really dent my great day.  (there, I let it out. i have been unhappy with those leaving messages pretending friendly link up only to find out that they are selling products or services.)

Joining the party at:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bento Less Days

I have been craving for bento for weeks but don't have energy to whip one. Not even the simplest lunch. Here are the bentos that I have totally forgotten to post here:
pork bento with egg. on the backgrund is a miso soup
I had this bento last February when we celebrated our eight anniversary. We are not the organized couple who would book somewhere for a date. We usually spend our anniversary the same way we celebrate our monthsary (yes, you read that right! we celebrate monthly) by going to the mall and randomly select a restaurant or a fast food. This year we ate at a  japanese restaurant, Teriyaki Boy. We got two mugs for free. I will post  about it in the future.

Below is a bento that I prepared for work last February. I had a strawberry sandwich and a crabstick/carrots/lettuce with asian dressing salad that was topped with parmesan cheese. great lunch,right?
February Bento Lunch: egg with olives as eyes, lettuce, asian dressing, strawberry sandwich, parmesan cheese, crabstick and carrots (L-R)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lip Balm, Strawberries and Laughing Cow

I promised myself at least a monthly update on this blog but with so much work waiting everyday at the office and the new baby keeping us on our toes, blogging is still on the backseat. But just to keep myself on the move, here are the inprocess in our home:

1. I realized that transferring lot ownership here in the Philippines is expensive and requires a lot of waiting. Red tape is always present in our government offices here. Even if we pay thousand of pesos, we still get our time wasted because a simple signature of who-ever-the head of their department can't make it on the deadline (even if we waited two days or more, they are not able to give us the receipt that we need.) I hope someone from the Bureau of Internal Revenues get to read this. Hello, your Red Tape in the office cost us our 1000/day salary!

2. It is still summer here. An officemate gave us strawberries from Bagiuo and ube halaya:

 3. I am still preparing bento for G. But I have been skipping the photo sessions because I am too tired to take them. Preparing bento, although I am faster now and less panicky still requires time in the morning. Here is our new bento hero: The Laughing Cow. It saved me from the picky palate lately because according to G, "it is not salty nor sweet. Just creamy and cheesy".
 4. I have few addictions: blog hopping , bento, lip care like lipbalm, lipgloss, and the likes and movie marathons

5. I am now finding time to read my ebooks using my tab. But I was disappointed with the 50 Shades of Grey. I have issues with the grammar and the trying-hard to be romantic dialogues. I did not get past the 4th Chapter. To each his own I guess. Not just my type. I am still looking for new books to read. I think its time to reread Ender's Game. It was a nice sci-fi book.


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