Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bubbling Brook

I remember being told few weeks ago that I should love my job. 
That was coming from my boss.
Don't ask me. I am still trying to figure out what's going on when he told me that. 

Let me whine a little about my job. 

image via Willkommen to Marnie's house on the interwebs
maybe, i do not love that job much that choosing it over my class is not worth considering.
maybe, being there even if all of the other scholars are already home browsing their lectures for the upcoming exam is not love enough.

i actually have something to say about that during the time he voiced out that suggestion.
but i have to stop myself since it seems i pissed him off already when told about one of his most favored agency can not update their own database.

its not my fault if they are not able to keep up with the expectation, right? or if i can see how slackers they can get, most of the time.

i am whining now, after few weeks of keeping it quite because i want to understand the situation. but it seems the longer i try to reason it out to myself that maybe he is right, the more angry i am.
the more convinced that it is not my fault. 
biased opinion irates me the most.
and i am convinced that i have enough.

alright. done with the ramblings. 
a new leadership is on the way. 
i will stay awhile. 
like before.
then maybe, i will settle permanently somewhere.

image via  Ma Boys' Illustration Blog

and this brought me to some sites.

wonder what is close to my heart?
aside from bento?

i buy art supplies when i can.
lots of them.
painting materials.
sketch books.
they attract me like magnet.
i get drawn to them.
even if i avoid the school supplies.

i am adding art-related links on my blog. if interested, look at the sidebar.

image via The Draw and Cook

 image via Gennine's Art Blog

 image via Happy Doodle Land

it makes me happy.
even if work is a little bit demoralizing.
it makes me sing.
now, if only i can start working.

doodles on paper.

it's art.
maybe, it is even my destiny.
heck. mathematics is an art. believe me. 
know the laws and rules of math.
then apply them without the restriction of following everything by letter. 
its art. you will  love it.

singing my heart for a Happy Monday.

Tomorrow, we will try to be earlier. the hubby was late again.

i will be buying this:

i have to choose where, though.
a multiply seller (bought there my camera last summer) is selling it for 9k. cash basis.
an electronic/gadget store sells it for 14k (12 mos, 0% on credit card)

let me think about it. 
but it is definitely on my list.
a reward or something.
maybe for reviewing hard for the coming exam, perhaps?
i need inspiration. 
this one will do.

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