Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Good Start

Although some people can be annoying and disappointing, it wont be reason to ruin my day.
It seems that interest on my work is starting to wear off. 
Office mates are annoying and rude. 
But then, this is not the first time that she did that to me. 
To think that I think highly of her. 
but what do you expect.

I am happy.
Hubby is not late.
I am sipping my second cup now while writing this entry.
First, a coffee.
Now, my favorite Japanese green tea.

I am happy and contented enough to ignore her. 
And take note of putting some distance between her and myself in the future.

On happy thoughts, this one from sweden will be copied on my home-to-be since we are trying to go for the minimalist look. 

image via Small Space Style

i love the colors on this one from Small Space Style

Dancing on Wednesday. 

Will be off to the Library for my paper. 

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