Thursday, July 1, 2010

Domestic Bliss

I promised on the other blog that more time will be spent on schoolwork. 
Unfortunately, I caught the flu bug and have to slow down again. 
Now that I am back on my feet, although still coughing once in awhile and sleepy from the pills that hopefully heals me, a mountain load of neglected/not prioritized waiting to be loved. 

But before that, let me post some wonderful domestic space that inspires me a lot.
By the way, I have over due bento photos that will be posted once they were able to make it to my desktop at home. 

For now, here are the wonderful cozy homes that will influence my design of our nest:

i am planning to have white walls and furniture. 
and i love the red and yellow highlights on this photo.
Although I envy those white sofa (image from Apartment Therapy), buying one for my home-to-be is next to impossible. I will probably spend time worrying about the sofa, so i'll have it on my blog instead. so i can stare and imagine how good crispy white is.


We are homebody. 
We spend hours of our free time at home, talking about work, school, old flames, favorites, manga, anime, movies and rpg & video games. 
Going out means we want something else to eat (we got tired eating pork-based menus) and grocery. 

And the photo above is a great idea for people like us who occupy lots of desk/table space for our games and internet surfing time. 
I love this design. we can surf/play games side by side.

loft idea. It is still a study for me on how to go about the railings for the loft. It must be kid safe home. 

white kitchen, white cupboards, white dining table and orange chairs! 
I love it. 
well, i can let go some of the cupboards or cupboard doors to give it a minimalist effect. 
this is on my list, definitely!

that sitting area on the window is fab. I heart it so much. 

 this is for small spaced home. or guest room bath. 

this is a pretty garden. 

back to rooms inside the house, i like the color combination on this one:

obviously, when it comes to color of my home i am leaning towards white. For one, it means conservation of energy. white rooms needs less lighting. dust can be easily seen, hence keeping it neat and tidy is easier. color combination is less difficult since white can be paired with everything. old furniture compliments white wall. and white gives you that refreshing feeling. 

i have so many sites to post but taking much time to copy and paste.

how about you? any color you prefer for your home?

(image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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  1. Hi, Tara. You must invite me on your house-warming party. :)



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