Saturday, July 31, 2010

YouTube and My Midnight Online Moments

It is a Happy Saturday.

Below is my breakfast (bacon, egg and Four Ref Fruit Tea):

I had fun spending the day cleaning our room and removing stuff from the shelves. 
Stuff that gone astray from their designated places. 
And it happened because I fail to notice the disarray on  my usually well-placed room. 
And also being busy is a good excuse to be lousy and plain lazy to organize anything.

And now that everything (except the closet) are on its proper place, photos can be posted in few minutes. 

I have to admit though that there are two bags labeled (on my mind) "no particular place for the moment".
I will continue cleaning up tomorrow. I have to get my sleep though.

SO here are my bento photos:

 cheese sandwich, choco mallows, fruits and gummy candy

choco hazelnut sandwich (heart and star shaped), cherries,and car-shaped cheese

 lazy bento. everything was bought. and i think i missed some stickers while editing this picture. lol. (see middle part of photo)

More photos tomorrow. Food photos.


I remember an old friend who used to sing this song to me. 
We had our long history of fights and misunderstanding because we were both not ready to commit in a relationship that time. 
It sounds like some soap but he did promised to marry me when he comes back (he worked overseas) and I am still single.
I got married few months before he came home.

not that great video though.but it is the most presentable one i found :D

Here's for a young love that should have been but I am glad that turned into a great friendship.

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