Friday, July 30, 2010


It was a fun filled day.
Since finally I am not on the denial stage (re examination this August), things will be more busy around here. I am  not sure though if I will be able to squeeze everything in but my priority now is to cram in every lessons missed and finish at least half of my paper. I should not be discussing it here since I have a blog about school but just to let you know what have been keeping me from bento this day. 

Now that I have that posted, here is my Friday Fun activities:

Today is the last day of one of our staff so we had a lunchout instead of the usual crackers/ramen in the pantry. 
Sorry, no photos. my bad. 

We had a "scramble". That sweet pink colored crushed ice (and milk) with powdered milk on top that we used to buy when we were kids. We bought it at the mall and happy to be eating the street food with an assurance that it passed quality control. 

Then I had fun printing some Ta Da list. I will post below the links on this "to-do-list"and much more.

My classmates came and visited me since I have not been attending their review lately. I am happy to see them as well.

I started working on the data of my paper.

Cancel meeting next week (Agency Directors) and happy to plan of skipping work on Monday. Unfortunately I have to go to work since we will be transferring on the other office.

Found the tea that I have been looking for: Twinnings Four Red Fruit. 

In addition to that I also bought a jar of nutella and a bag of oatmeal (with raisin, banana and pineapple). 

I promised to blog more. even if I am busy.

No photos today. I will try tonight. 

Have a great weekend.



List of downloadables and organization link (+ some for home management)

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  3. Get Creative with Pink
  4. My Daily Randomness
  5. The Blog Train Blog
  6. Little Paper Dog
  7. I am not sure what is the name of this flickr account but on blog referred this account and says the photos there are free (for wallpaper).
  8. Daisy Jane
  9. Creating Keepsakes
  10. The Small Objects
  11. June Pfaff Daley
  12. Creature Comforts
and one more blog for Mom's out there:

IXL for online lessons for kiddos

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