Monday, July 5, 2010


I am not vain but it seems that running on the opposite direction can do damage on one's self esteem. 
Especially when you are not getting any younger.
 When I was 27 years old (and younger) , being yourself {your own stylist} seems okay. 

but lately.

Oh, well. 

My point is, even if you took good care of yourself and avoided fatty foods, metabolism slows down when you reach 30. 
Even if you are Asian. 

The Hubby thinks I am fit. 
Something I do not agree. 
The evidence is the bulge on my tummy. 
Fats screaming.

For my 5' height and being slim my whole life {until I reached my 29th birthday}, it is scary to load fat fast.
I am hoping to lessen my food intake and increase my exercise. 
I always link procrastination with fat. 
My idea of being healthy is getting slim. 

slim = can move around quickly=healthy=high stamina

and being fat slows me down [even if it is more on psychological]

and it means you can wear what you want without worrying about size.

maybe i should start on my diet. 




ohne Titel

ohne Titel by Cookierella featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags

 and this one too:

ohne Titel

ohne Titel by Cookierella featuring Miu Miu bags

I will start on buying weighing scales.  
and watching my food intake.
then try to run  few miles {wii game will do}

I am having a great day. 
I added some links on my inspiration category (sidebar)

and the photos uploaded here are from polyvore.
I am trying my hand on them and maybe add some link here later. 
You can comment if you like. 
Just try to be nice. 

have a great day.
tomorrow is review/research day for me so I am not around.

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