Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY: Old Furniture + Spray Paint = New Bookshelf

My first major DIY is this: an old shelf that is a staple on old houses from the 70's.
This is courtesy of my MIL. So it cost me nothing.



 Our new place's wall  was painted white and my goal is to introduce pops of colors through furniture. For this project, I have chosen a spray paint color of sky blue. It cost me less than $2 (99pesos) for the can of  paint, nothing more

Here's how I did it: 

  1. I wiped it with a damp rug and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. It was a sunny day on this part of the globe so drying is not a problem. 
  2. Then I started on spraying the entire thing.I am lazy and the materials for DIY are not available ( MIL do not DIY) so I did not sand or primed it. I just sprayed. The husband even joined the fun! 
  3. I left it to dry for few minutes.

Warning though, you have to do it outside where ventilation is good because spray paint really smells. 
I did not distress it because there are sides where the brown paint seems to shows off, giving it the distress look  that I want (another bonus for me).

I had fun doing this project because its my dream to recycle/reuse something. and it cost me $2 for a brNS new looking furniture!

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  2. Oh! Here we have a sweet transformation i see!!! i love the color you chose tara...so very bright! Mind if i give you a suggestion? Just for added beauty or so do i feel. Break the monotony of the books by little flower pots and flowers. It will rock.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Rukmini. The place is still a work in progress, I have yet to unpack some of our things but I will keep that in mind. :)

  4. Love the color choice. Bold but also blendable with a room. Very nice.
    Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  5. Hi Melanie. My spam detector filtered your comment. I wonder why. I have added this to your Tuesday Time Out Party. Thank you for hosting. :D

  6. It's beautiful! I loved your work too much with above piece. I think, it'd be great present to my daughter and will match well with her existing furniture, please see here and hope to get the same above design. Thanks for sharing this!



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