Friday, January 28, 2011

Planning How to Spend Weekend

Since I finished school {Masters}, it was obvious that my time management became so lousy. Because during the two year school stint made my weekdays and weekend so busy, facing a no-sideline-less-workload made my to do list not so effective anymore. There are days that I feel like I am missing something from my list. Like there are things that I am supposed to be doing but unable to remember them. Worst of all, my financial management is really a mess. I can't follow simple budgets and forgets to balance the check at night. It is a struggle.

Tomorrow, i will try to tackle that and recommend some online financial tracker if possible. For now, I need your help. Do you have any tool that you use to manage your financial?

For the meantime, here is a great craft/cooking for you from other bloggers:

found here and here

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 First Month Review/Assessment

My list of things to do for 2011 is different from what I had on the past years. 
I have become more realistic with my list. 
October last year I had two things to prioritize this year. 
And in November {2010}, my list grew and I added eight more things to do.

My to do list would always include blogging, sewing, baking, a new business to set up and health issues resolved. 
I know all those things are not easy to accomplish. 
I have learned long time ago that not all things that look easy is really easy for a thirty-something woman who is busy with a career and yet want to stay at home.

Sometimes, I wish life is easier.
Not that easy without challenges. But more of less-unreasonable-people around thing. 
Like these kids playing on the park near the lake {took the photo when we visit lakeside for some organic market shopping near our home}

{i used my motorola phone to capture this, sorry for the blur}

Don't you love to watch kids? 
I do.
I love how simple things makes them laugh.

On the other hand, here is my assessment of what has been done for the Month of January:
  1. I am working hard to have a more stable job. I spent the entire month answering/processing requirements. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that it is worth my while.
  2. We are working on our finances. I lost the touch of keeping everything in order. It's either we overdraft or we overdraft. Yes, you read it correct. We can't keep with the budget. 
  3. I am a work in progress when it comes to the health issues. So far, I lost weight. A little bit. It is better than gaining right?
  4. I am trying to make this blog more internet friendly {aka interesting}. I hope to reach at least 20 unique readers by next month. Let's see if I can do that. 
  5. No sewing machine yet, but I received an email from one of those second hand machine suppliers and I hope to get a good deal.
  6. Our room is still accumulating more stuff. We hope to make it liveable until we get to move.
My week just started, let us hope all of my personal things in the office will all be reduced to a box {with old lectures thrown out or donated, files on office computers saved on a CD}. 

How about you?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes I Can Not Help It (And a giveaway of Pinterest Invites!)

It's Wednesday. 
Everyone is busy coping with so many things during the middle of the week. 

And I had two meetings yesterday, the first one is so hilarious that I was still talking about it until today. 

A funny story that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

And I learned some lessons as well. Few lessons that I will always remember. 

First is you will appreciate your superiors professionalism when you meet people from the same level of career position who blew their top and their reputation in the process. 
I understood respectability yesterday.
And I learned to accept my arrogant superior the way he is. He is a mild case.
Yesterday, I saw the worst.
And I don't want to work alongside people with attitude. 

Second lesson learned is that you can't force respect. Especially if you bad mouth them when they are not around. They will just laugh behind your back. 

Now, back to the blogging world.

Have you heard of Pinterest? Because if you do,why didn't you inform me and most of all why did you not send me an invite? 
Anyway, I found a blogger who is giving invites and since it is so difficult to find in my computer's history who is that blogger, I am paying it forward hoping that I am doing what she intends me to do.
I have five invites that can be given away if you ask for it. 

You can email or comment on this post if you are interested. 

Pinterest allows you to pin/bookmark (sort of) things that you see in the internet.
You get to have your own account and it is some sort of social network-like with a bookmarking/catalogue capabilities.
Even if you are not on your computer, you can access those websites or blogs that you bookmarked (and intend to read when you have time)

{Note: When I started the post, I am supposed to have some links here for future projects but since I already have a pinterest account there is no need to post them here.}

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Am Still Here

I added few more links on the sidebar for those who are interested on having their kiddie party. Life here is a mix of slow pace, cold weather and longer sleeping hours.

I started skipping rice since last week and have lost some weight. I ate mostly apple, papaya and oatmeal cookies. No photos of my progress, it makes me cringe just thinking about the weight I gained in the past few months.

I promised  photos from my travel to Cebu but unfortunately, we arrived few hours before the speaking engagement and got only an hour to fix our hair and shirt. I met up with a long time girlfriend who is based there and had an hour of catching up with her. Then I took my 5am flight the next day. So there is no sightseeing for me.

How's your New Year? 
I already labeled some of our things for the moving out and hope to get enough funds for the paint jobs. I will be flying back to Cebu on February to spend more time with my friend there. I will not break my promise, there will be photos!
I have been playing with some posters and came up with this. I wont be taking credit for the words but I did the layout and stuff. :D I am hoping to do something art worthwhile. So here goes...

You can download and print it if you want to hang it somewhere. Or you can email me if you want the pdf version.

This is a good week so far. 

Have a great Wednesday.


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