Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Resolutions, Two Months before 2011

..or sort of.

It's going to be 2011 two months from now and I am making revisions on my resolutions.

Here they are:

1. Weight Loss
2. Scrapbooking

These things will be added on my schedule. And I still have no idea how to go about it. They are the kind of activities that I know by heart, five years ago. And now that I am trying to gather pieces of myself together (yes, there are some drama on this blog most of the time), it is appropriate to pick up the most important thing that I do five years ago. I exercise (or yoga) daily and spend scrapbook (not digital one) time on lazy days. And I meant to include them on my to-do list. But there will be limitations. Following the lead of blogger Brenda, I will start on my scrapbooking activities and have it scheduled on Friday. I am not sure though if there will be a title. Here is the inspiration that caught my lazy heart:

this is the planner, not the scrapbook. {via It's a New Day}

Now here is the real scrapbook of Ms. Brenda:

52 Blessings by brenda arnall

She keeps on referring to Cathy Z's blog. And I agree. Ms. Cathy got the most pretty and inspirational scrapbooking ideas. I will probably start visiting her and jumpstart my scrapbook as soon as I turn my papers in (to my adviser, which is next week).  Want to know why? Oh, here's why:

scrapbook, baby. Homemade.

She made it, D-I-Y. And I want my DIY memory books as well.

and for the Weight Loss, it's from Cathy also. She uses the My Food Diary.

It is free but I am yet to check it out.

That's what has been going on,planning phase for me. For now, I have two things on my goal list: art and losing weight. For the art's sake, I will start getting used to Photoshop. I avoid it like the plague since picnik site is more convenient for me. But this time, I have to renew ties with the Photoshop software.

I am having a great day, are you?

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