Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes I Can Not Help It (And a giveaway of Pinterest Invites!)

It's Wednesday. 
Everyone is busy coping with so many things during the middle of the week. 

And I had two meetings yesterday, the first one is so hilarious that I was still talking about it until today. 

A funny story that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

And I learned some lessons as well. Few lessons that I will always remember. 

First is you will appreciate your superiors professionalism when you meet people from the same level of career position who blew their top and their reputation in the process. 
I understood respectability yesterday.
And I learned to accept my arrogant superior the way he is. He is a mild case.
Yesterday, I saw the worst.
And I don't want to work alongside people with attitude. 

Second lesson learned is that you can't force respect. Especially if you bad mouth them when they are not around. They will just laugh behind your back. 

Now, back to the blogging world.

Have you heard of Pinterest? Because if you do,why didn't you inform me and most of all why did you not send me an invite? 
Anyway, I found a blogger who is giving invites and since it is so difficult to find in my computer's history who is that blogger, I am paying it forward hoping that I am doing what she intends me to do.
I have five invites that can be given away if you ask for it. 

You can email or comment on this post if you are interested. 

Pinterest allows you to pin/bookmark (sort of) things that you see in the internet.
You get to have your own account and it is some sort of social network-like with a bookmarking/catalogue capabilities.
Even if you are not on your computer, you can access those websites or blogs that you bookmarked (and intend to read when you have time)

{Note: When I started the post, I am supposed to have some links here for future projects but since I already have a pinterest account there is no need to post them here.}

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. I would love an invite... my email is scarlatina [at] me [dot] com

  2. Invite coming your way, Scarlatina. Thanks for dropping by.



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