Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Am Still Here

I added few more links on the sidebar for those who are interested on having their kiddie party. Life here is a mix of slow pace, cold weather and longer sleeping hours.

I started skipping rice since last week and have lost some weight. I ate mostly apple, papaya and oatmeal cookies. No photos of my progress, it makes me cringe just thinking about the weight I gained in the past few months.

I promised  photos from my travel to Cebu but unfortunately, we arrived few hours before the speaking engagement and got only an hour to fix our hair and shirt. I met up with a long time girlfriend who is based there and had an hour of catching up with her. Then I took my 5am flight the next day. So there is no sightseeing for me.

How's your New Year? 
I already labeled some of our things for the moving out and hope to get enough funds for the paint jobs. I will be flying back to Cebu on February to spend more time with my friend there. I will not break my promise, there will be photos!
I have been playing with some posters and came up with this. I wont be taking credit for the words but I did the layout and stuff. :D I am hoping to do something art worthwhile. So here goes...

You can download and print it if you want to hang it somewhere. Or you can email me if you want the pdf version.

This is a good week so far. 

Have a great Wednesday.

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