Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basic Pancake Recipe {from Scratch}

We are not into baking lately. 
We have lots of baking supplies but too tired to do some baking {or in my case, asking the hubby to do some baking}. 
But I have been craving for a pancake lately since we always miss the morning visit to one of the fast food chains here because there are lots of things to do on a Saturday. 
So we made some pancake from scratch...err, from what we have in the kitchen. 
We used a basic recipe for this delicious pancake:

(for 6-8 people)

You will need the following:

1 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour
3 and a half teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon salt
3 tablespoon sugar (or more, if you do not have honey)
2 eggs
3 tablespoon vegetable oil or butter (we used virgin olive oil)


1. Mix all dry ingredients. 
Then add milk, egg and oil (or butter, if you prefer). 
Mix until smooth.
2. Heat an frying pan on medium heat (add very small amount of oil). 
Turn to low heat when oil is hot enough (on my weird way, test the oil temperature by putting the hand over the pan five inches high, if you can feel heat then it is ready). 
Scoop around 1/4 cup of batter on the pan. turn when sides are firm but not burnt (this is the indication one side is already cooked). 

Serve hot. 

If only there is a honey or maple syrup...
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee, Cookies and Creative Juice

If you read this blog, you will notice some changes. 
My target of changing jobs by the start of April is a work in progress. Sending out application letters and resume has been a difficult decision but a task that I have been trying to squeeze in everyday. 
I am not referring to day job alone. Plan B is to become a stay-at-home wife and online-based writer. So this is the cause of the series of additions in my blog.

The most obvious change is the header. 

 If you know me, you will probably guessed it right.
I did not use any software or complicated applications. 
That header was created using Microsoft Powerpoint application and the clip arts are from Microsoft as well.
It was not  difficult to create the theme as well. 
It takes time to come up with a color scheme though. 
That is the hardest part of creating the banner. The rest is just a matter of saving it {I used Microsoft 2007} as a jpeg or png file.
I am tempted to promise a tutorial but there are too many promises that were never delivered by yours truly. 
So no promises of any tutorial here.

Hope you are having a great Friday. 

{I will blog later about the other blog renovations done here}

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bento on the Cheap

To be honest about it, my bento making days was gladly set aside as I adjusted back to my pre-graduate school days. 
And now that I am well adjusted, here are the stash of bento photos that I had found on our computer. 
I hope that the photos will give you an idea of making your bento, fast and on the cheap:

Rolled bread with spread, meatloaf on cute animal picks, cherries
Assemble the sandwich theme: mini french bread, cheese {below the bread, not pictured}, black grapes, cherries, tomatoes

another bento sandwich: cheddar cheese, italian herb {on yellow capped bottle}, sliced tomatoes, mayonaise, lettuce and a chocolate
peanut butter heart mini sandwich, grapes and banana
The steps on creating those lunches are easy. I came up with whatever is available in our pantry and tried to have a balance of taste.

Do you have bento questions in mind that is related to this post? just ask.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Fly Fast!

I am on a mission. 
As the February started there are several issues that I have to deal with. 
One of them is my career. 
Although my status is still on the waiting side, the date of my last working day with the company has been decided. 
Two months from now, new challenges and environment is a welcome buddy. 
With the decision over holding on to a particular job been settled, I am on the roll to depersonalized my office space and remove all my things out of there. 
My target date of complete clean office {no personal things that would not fit my purse} is until the end of month. 
It means returning all gadgets to the office as well,like USB and portable HD. 
And since we expect some financial changes for this new stage in my life this blog will be more active as I realized its use for times like this. 

 Today, there are changes on this blog.
I changed layout.
Added Feeds and used Feedburner. I even maximize all of its feature. 
{I will be writing a full post about tweaking blogs for better traffic later} 
For tomorrow, here are the things that I have to do:
  1. Finished the " Favorite Links " page
  2. Add this blog to Technorati
  3. Grocery Day 
  4. Financial /Home Management Organization
  5. Credit Card Payment
That's for a busy Sunday. 
We will be attending the Sunday service and will probably visit the organic market near the lake later. 
Have a Blessed Sunday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drawing on a Friday and some Decluttering Activities

My interest is a mix of art and science. 
Today, while resting from decluttering activities {it's more of removing papers that will be candidate for the shredder from my boxes under the office table} it downed on me that it is the best time to start with my drawing lessons online. 
Actually, it has long been decided that I will be taking online lessons but my memory failed me again and even if I have searched all of the computers in the house, there is not trace of the drawing website that provides the exact lessons that I want. 
Today, I found it. 
And I will get myself listed this very minute. 

On the blogging world, I want to do a project like this on our home-to-be:

from here and here.

It's been an emotional week but with the great people who are showing their love and care, this week is still a great week with minor challenges. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Projections of 2011 on Wednesday

This is going to be a very busy day for us all here in the office. 
Today is our planning workshop for the remaining months of the year. 
To keep my busy mind from getting too much stress here is my supposed to be √∂rganizer/planner notebook. 
I did say homemade, right? 
Please excuse the blurry smartphone photo.

 without rings or bind, I am yet to decide if it will be ring bind or those three rings used on this

a closer view of the tabs
this is the reason why lazybug caught up with me. 
Last year I was invited to judge a costume party for one of the friendly agencies that we have few projects and they gave me this as a token. 
The perfect size of planner that I have  been looking for. 
Just small enough to fit into my handbag. 
But big enough to have this:
yes, that is a calculator. 
I love its functionality because it can always be pulled out whenever I am doing some shopping.

I wont take credit on the 2011 planner. I downloaded the pages from here and changed the cover with a design of my choice but still incorporating the tree/bird design.

Opps, I think since we are on Philippine time it is too early for Wednesday Link party for me.  I did add mine anyway.


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