Thursday, February 3, 2011

Drawing on a Friday and some Decluttering Activities

My interest is a mix of art and science. 
Today, while resting from decluttering activities {it's more of removing papers that will be candidate for the shredder from my boxes under the office table} it downed on me that it is the best time to start with my drawing lessons online. 
Actually, it has long been decided that I will be taking online lessons but my memory failed me again and even if I have searched all of the computers in the house, there is not trace of the drawing website that provides the exact lessons that I want. 
Today, I found it. 
And I will get myself listed this very minute. 

On the blogging world, I want to do a project like this on our home-to-be:

from here and here.

It's been an emotional week but with the great people who are showing their love and care, this week is still a great week with minor challenges. 

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