Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bento on the Cheap

To be honest about it, my bento making days was gladly set aside as I adjusted back to my pre-graduate school days. 
And now that I am well adjusted, here are the stash of bento photos that I had found on our computer. 
I hope that the photos will give you an idea of making your bento, fast and on the cheap:

Rolled bread with spread, meatloaf on cute animal picks, cherries
Assemble the sandwich theme: mini french bread, cheese {below the bread, not pictured}, black grapes, cherries, tomatoes

another bento sandwich: cheddar cheese, italian herb {on yellow capped bottle}, sliced tomatoes, mayonaise, lettuce and a chocolate
peanut butter heart mini sandwich, grapes and banana
The steps on creating those lunches are easy. I came up with whatever is available in our pantry and tried to have a balance of taste.

Do you have bento questions in mind that is related to this post? just ask.

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