Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee, Cookies and Creative Juice

If you read this blog, you will notice some changes. 
My target of changing jobs by the start of April is a work in progress. Sending out application letters and resume has been a difficult decision but a task that I have been trying to squeeze in everyday. 
I am not referring to day job alone. Plan B is to become a stay-at-home wife and online-based writer. So this is the cause of the series of additions in my blog.

The most obvious change is the header. 

 If you know me, you will probably guessed it right.
I did not use any software or complicated applications. 
That header was created using Microsoft Powerpoint application and the clip arts are from Microsoft as well.
It was not  difficult to create the theme as well. 
It takes time to come up with a color scheme though. 
That is the hardest part of creating the banner. The rest is just a matter of saving it {I used Microsoft 2007} as a jpeg or png file.
I am tempted to promise a tutorial but there are too many promises that were never delivered by yours truly. 
So no promises of any tutorial here.

Hope you are having a great Friday. 

{I will blog later about the other blog renovations done here}

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