Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finish Line

I had  the longest week and it is still stretching as weekend draws near. It was a busy week and I am hoping to finish everything today so that I can take a break this weekend.

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Three days of this week was spent cramming on writing my final paper and I am so sleep-deprived that I am currently nursing a migraine. Yesterday was spent on some meetings at work including an interview for a potential work. I am crossing my finger that this is the job that I have been looking for. 

Early today, I was so upset that it left me exhausted even before my day started. Family life is a never-ending struggle. Lately,I question my sanity when I took the vows. Life is giving me lemons and I am not in the right set of mind to make lemonade. I am tired of balancing the finances, urging him to move forward and motivating him from being stagnant and too content with what we have. Being happy with comfort zone is something that I allow him to indulge sometimes, but I can not rest that long. We have to move up a little bit, to accomplish something. After all, life is not just about us. We are a family and it means, a future with kids having a responsible parents who can provide their needs until they are all enough to earn for their needs. And I am not the type of individual who would find money only when you need it. I may not answer all our problems but at least, the financial part, the easiest and most predictable part should be addressed, then we can cross that out from the worries of family life, like emotions, relatives and growing up. It seems that our differences are starting to take its toll on me. 

Sorry about the whining part. I need to talk it with someone. Am I the only one experiencing this? My expectations too high? 
Enjoy Friday. I will try to salvage mine. There are still few hours to enjoy before I head home again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Resolutions, Two Months before 2011

..or sort of.

It's going to be 2011 two months from now and I am making revisions on my resolutions.

Here they are:

1. Weight Loss
2. Scrapbooking

These things will be added on my schedule. And I still have no idea how to go about it. They are the kind of activities that I know by heart, five years ago. And now that I am trying to gather pieces of myself together (yes, there are some drama on this blog most of the time), it is appropriate to pick up the most important thing that I do five years ago. I exercise (or yoga) daily and spend scrapbook (not digital one) time on lazy days. And I meant to include them on my to-do list. But there will be limitations. Following the lead of blogger Brenda, I will start on my scrapbooking activities and have it scheduled on Friday. I am not sure though if there will be a title. Here is the inspiration that caught my lazy heart:

this is the planner, not the scrapbook. {via It's a New Day}

Now here is the real scrapbook of Ms. Brenda:

52 Blessings by brenda arnall

She keeps on referring to Cathy Z's blog. And I agree. Ms. Cathy got the most pretty and inspirational scrapbooking ideas. I will probably start visiting her and jumpstart my scrapbook as soon as I turn my papers in (to my adviser, which is next week).  Want to know why? Oh, here's why:

scrapbook, baby. Homemade.

She made it, D-I-Y. And I want my DIY memory books as well.

and for the Weight Loss, it's from Cathy also. She uses the My Food Diary.

It is free but I am yet to check it out.

That's what has been going on,planning phase for me. For now, I have two things on my goal list: art and losing weight. For the art's sake, I will start getting used to Photoshop. I avoid it like the plague since picnik site is more convenient for me. But this time, I have to renew ties with the Photoshop software.

I am having a great day, are you?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleepy On Tuesday

I was busy yesterday with school stuff and did not noticed it was Monday. Now I thought its Monday when it is already Tuesday. What happened to my Monday? and why am I sleepy? 

One of my friends invited me to a joint venture on pizza franchise. I am drowning with the paperworks that she was ignored this weekend. Today she informed me that she already had a discussion with the franchising group and asked me to visit the site so that we can assess how the business is going. I can not go today but I am hoping to drop by tomorrow or on Friday during my research sessions. I hope she understands. Maybe she does. I am on the last month of my Masters. 

It is final. I will be applying for an online drawing course. It requires 4 hours a week of drawing activities and I told hubby how badly I wanted to join but do not know where to squeeze in that 4 hours of no-disturbance work. He told me I can work on my drawings during Saturday. I can also opt for 2 hours on Saturday and another 2 hours on Sunday. The latter seems to be more enticing, right? I am glad for having a wonderful man in my life.

So now that the drawing course was settled, I need to purchase a scanner. But since I have been planning to buy a printer as well, we agreed to buy those multifunctional printer that comes with a bed scanner and copier. I had my eye on the HP brand since I have been using it for many years in the office but I do not have any idea in how do HP printers (low end, cheaper version) work. I have been scouting for inks and printers on sale and find them expensive. Do you think a 2 cartridge-printer (ink worth P1,500.00 = approx $35) is a good investment? The Epson printer have 4 cartridges with P298 per cartridge. I will only buy the color that rans out. Your comments on this one will be very very helpful. We will be printing lots of stuff soon. 

I am working on the projects and it is difficult for me to keep up with all the research works and write up hanging on my head. The timing of resignation of my former staff is starting to piss me off.

Now, back to work. Having a great day despite the sleepy mood.

Today is Tuesday challenge. :D

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I am a bad blogger. I skip blogging every now and then because there are things that comes into my life unexpectedly. And sometimes, I occupy other  blog space that remains anonymous for years.

source {flickr}

It is almost morning and I have not written anything for my overdue report. My brain seems to stop functioning for awhile. Maybe tomorrow there will be something to write. Something worth reading.

Hope everything is fine on you guys out there (for those who read this blog). I wish there will be an opportunity for me to blog and stay at home and be a wife in the near future. Maybe that is all I need to recharge.

Halloween is almost near. Then come Christmas. And soon it will be New Year. Let's check if we were able to keep some of those yearly list that we have. Mine is missing. Will update you when I find it. Will post bento photos this week. Before Friday I guess. Till then.


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