Monday, October 4, 2010


I am a bad blogger. I skip blogging every now and then because there are things that comes into my life unexpectedly. And sometimes, I occupy other  blog space that remains anonymous for years.

source {flickr}

It is almost morning and I have not written anything for my overdue report. My brain seems to stop functioning for awhile. Maybe tomorrow there will be something to write. Something worth reading.

Hope everything is fine on you guys out there (for those who read this blog). I wish there will be an opportunity for me to blog and stay at home and be a wife in the near future. Maybe that is all I need to recharge.

Halloween is almost near. Then come Christmas. And soon it will be New Year. Let's check if we were able to keep some of those yearly list that we have. Mine is missing. Will update you when I find it. Will post bento photos this week. Before Friday I guess. Till then.

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