Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finish Line

I had  the longest week and it is still stretching as weekend draws near. It was a busy week and I am hoping to finish everything today so that I can take a break this weekend.

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Three days of this week was spent cramming on writing my final paper and I am so sleep-deprived that I am currently nursing a migraine. Yesterday was spent on some meetings at work including an interview for a potential work. I am crossing my finger that this is the job that I have been looking for. 

Early today, I was so upset that it left me exhausted even before my day started. Family life is a never-ending struggle. Lately,I question my sanity when I took the vows. Life is giving me lemons and I am not in the right set of mind to make lemonade. I am tired of balancing the finances, urging him to move forward and motivating him from being stagnant and too content with what we have. Being happy with comfort zone is something that I allow him to indulge sometimes, but I can not rest that long. We have to move up a little bit, to accomplish something. After all, life is not just about us. We are a family and it means, a future with kids having a responsible parents who can provide their needs until they are all enough to earn for their needs. And I am not the type of individual who would find money only when you need it. I may not answer all our problems but at least, the financial part, the easiest and most predictable part should be addressed, then we can cross that out from the worries of family life, like emotions, relatives and growing up. It seems that our differences are starting to take its toll on me. 

Sorry about the whining part. I need to talk it with someone. Am I the only one experiencing this? My expectations too high? 
Enjoy Friday. I will try to salvage mine. There are still few hours to enjoy before I head home again.

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