Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Day Just Started

I was up until 4 in the morning today because of some database that was opened to the public unaware. Although it is not any of my concern but there is one document there that contains my personal contact information that was published by some daft editors. 
i walked on this road for almost two years. now that school is almost over, i think this will be missed.
I was swearing the whole time. 
I sent him an email informing him that when I sign  up for the conference, I am not expecting them to reveal less print on the published proceedings the contact numbers written on the forms. It was a real negligence on their part. 
Some people sucks big time. Really. 

Now that I had my deprived sleep because of their lack of prudence, it is time to deal with more pressing affairs like reviewing. 

this inspire me. it was the only time I got a perfect score for my entire two years stint at earning my degree.

the hubby gave me some chocolate for being good at school. can you sense his father's instinct on that?

With a hungry stomach, I leave you these wonderful foods that we had when we shopped at the biggest, yet, grocery store in the area. 

squid balls and some dumplings

fruit salad! yum.

and for the things that I missed since:

home made oatmeal cookies. we bake during weekends.

spicy candied mango strips. tasty!

I have so many things to read and only six days to go before the big day. I have to hurry and leave you with those good things above. hope you enjoyed the post. comment on the post if you have questions.

off to reading land. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Sunshine

I warned you about my two weeks absence. Probable absence from blogging. But I can not just ignore this space. 

Here is an update about my going ons:

This is not new but just so you know, here in our rural home of a place (South of Metro), stores from the Metro are now coming us much to our joy...well my joy since I am basically a city-born gal. 

And the not so newest but one of those who opened their doors first (and I got some photos as well) is Red Ribbon:

my new favorite from their menu, grilled ensaymada with farmer's ham and egg. Perfect with coffee. real coffee, not instant.

our contrasting cakes: black forest cake and white forest cake. yum. 

and here are the things that the hubby bought from his work related trip on one of the provinces in the North:

a local version of macaron:

they call it here meringue:

and macaroons (we love sweets, remember?)

a closer look:

here is the photo of the whole loot (i think there is a photo of other things that are not sweets like dried shrimp and fish but i cannot find it)

another goods from another out of town trip (by hubby), this time its Davao City.

.this is mine. the other one will be given to a family member.

Sunday celebration for my birthday is lunch out and the traditional cake (bought from favorite local cakeshop, not Red Ribbon). sorry no photos.

I remember asking Hubby ages ago to bake me a pizzookie but did not get any. This is the closest thing I got (from Shakey's) and it is not a huge cookie but more of a brownie (according to the menu) but when I tried it it taste like some cheap muffins from local bakery. but the ice cream is good. 

 I would love the real pizzookie though. like this one:

pizzookie from a-froggirl

and finally

this is my working table:

look pretty busy huh?

Life is great. Have a great day ahead.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bedroom Walls

The hubby has been on an out of town work so reviewing is harder than I thought because I am a worrier. We are not used to not seeing each other for more than a day so it is reasonable for me to worry.

This is what keeps me refueled every time I get hungry:

Of course I have not added the milk yet and muscovado sugar. :D

I wouldn't lie. 
This preparation for the comprehensive exam of my Masters is difficult.
I can not wait to have it all done. 
I already have 4 major activities awaiting once things were settled on this academic thing. 

For now, here's the photos of the things that makes me useful (since I do not cook much):

I used to do things perfectly. 
I only cook perfect pancakes. 
My clothes are perfectly pressed.
I sometimes miss the way it was. The person that I use to be.

But sometimes we know that life is not perfect.
Nobody warned me that I will meet my real Dad someday. 
And I did. And all hell broke loose.

powder sugar + japanese cake patterns = pancake art

 yummy.perfect with tea (my fave: green tea or four red fruit tea)

I might not be around for at least two weeks. Things will be pretty busy here. But will try posting photos of bento and other stuff.

have a blast.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mind Dump

With a blast of some classic music from my headphone, I try to empty my mind as i prepare to jump into the review mode. 
It is crazy to try the same review technique when I took the Engineering Board Exam. 
I know because it doesn't work. So I am trying to take some short cut.

But I need to identify the things that is preventing me from doing so.
First, I do not have a place of my own.
When you live with your grandparents and people who reared you, it is a different story. 
Isolation for them is natural. They know me, inside out.
This time, No. It is different.

I hate myself for taking it on him. The thing about having our own place before my birthday. 
I hate it. 
It feels like I did not achieved anything. 
I took too many responsibilities. 
I forgot the issues that keeps me from moving forward. 
But still, it frustrates me. 
To be someone who is capable but with hand tied.

There are ways, I believe.
To do it. 
My. way. 
Even if I am in a different environment.
Even if everything seems to close in.

My diet is slowing me down.

On the better part, I think even if I hated the thoughts on slow processing of our first home requirements nothing will stop me from looking into new interior designs that suit my taste.

I can  not wait.

source: unknown (if you recognize this, please contact me for proper credits)

We love books. Reading is a basic in our life. Particularly mine. And I love those  little spaces above. 

Although I do not cook, I can cook. And the idea of test tubes for my spices is an excellent inspiration. :D

I am not fond of big kitchens since weekends will probably the only time I spend in the kitchen. Morning bento preparations does not require much space either. Above photos will something to choose from.

Our circle of friends is really limited. Not that we are unfriendly. But we are both very private persons. As small as this one will be enough for a guest room. (Or guests room?)

The photos were hidden stash from old files. I apologize for the lack of credit. Please contact me if one of you own the photos and wanted to be credited or linked back or have it removed. Ill get back to you as soon as possible.Thank you.


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