Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Sunshine

I warned you about my two weeks absence. Probable absence from blogging. But I can not just ignore this space. 

Here is an update about my going ons:

This is not new but just so you know, here in our rural home of a place (South of Metro), stores from the Metro are now coming us much to our joy...well my joy since I am basically a city-born gal. 

And the not so newest but one of those who opened their doors first (and I got some photos as well) is Red Ribbon:

my new favorite from their menu, grilled ensaymada with farmer's ham and egg. Perfect with coffee. real coffee, not instant.

our contrasting cakes: black forest cake and white forest cake. yum. 

and here are the things that the hubby bought from his work related trip on one of the provinces in the North:

a local version of macaron:

they call it here meringue:

and macaroons (we love sweets, remember?)

a closer look:

here is the photo of the whole loot (i think there is a photo of other things that are not sweets like dried shrimp and fish but i cannot find it)

another goods from another out of town trip (by hubby), this time its Davao City.

.this is mine. the other one will be given to a family member.

Sunday celebration for my birthday is lunch out and the traditional cake (bought from favorite local cakeshop, not Red Ribbon). sorry no photos.

I remember asking Hubby ages ago to bake me a pizzookie but did not get any. This is the closest thing I got (from Shakey's) and it is not a huge cookie but more of a brownie (according to the menu) but when I tried it it taste like some cheap muffins from local bakery. but the ice cream is good. 

 I would love the real pizzookie though. like this one:

pizzookie from a-froggirl

and finally

this is my working table:

look pretty busy huh?

Life is great. Have a great day ahead.

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