Monday, August 2, 2010

Mind Dump

With a blast of some classic music from my headphone, I try to empty my mind as i prepare to jump into the review mode. 
It is crazy to try the same review technique when I took the Engineering Board Exam. 
I know because it doesn't work. So I am trying to take some short cut.

But I need to identify the things that is preventing me from doing so.
First, I do not have a place of my own.
When you live with your grandparents and people who reared you, it is a different story. 
Isolation for them is natural. They know me, inside out.
This time, No. It is different.

I hate myself for taking it on him. The thing about having our own place before my birthday. 
I hate it. 
It feels like I did not achieved anything. 
I took too many responsibilities. 
I forgot the issues that keeps me from moving forward. 
But still, it frustrates me. 
To be someone who is capable but with hand tied.

There are ways, I believe.
To do it. 
My. way. 
Even if I am in a different environment.
Even if everything seems to close in.

My diet is slowing me down.

On the better part, I think even if I hated the thoughts on slow processing of our first home requirements nothing will stop me from looking into new interior designs that suit my taste.

I can  not wait.

source: unknown (if you recognize this, please contact me for proper credits)

We love books. Reading is a basic in our life. Particularly mine. And I love those  little spaces above. 

Although I do not cook, I can cook. And the idea of test tubes for my spices is an excellent inspiration. :D

I am not fond of big kitchens since weekends will probably the only time I spend in the kitchen. Morning bento preparations does not require much space either. Above photos will something to choose from.

Our circle of friends is really limited. Not that we are unfriendly. But we are both very private persons. As small as this one will be enough for a guest room. (Or guests room?)

The photos were hidden stash from old files. I apologize for the lack of credit. Please contact me if one of you own the photos and wanted to be credited or linked back or have it removed. Ill get back to you as soon as possible.Thank you.

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