Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Day Just Started

I was up until 4 in the morning today because of some database that was opened to the public unaware. Although it is not any of my concern but there is one document there that contains my personal contact information that was published by some daft editors. 
i walked on this road for almost two years. now that school is almost over, i think this will be missed.
I was swearing the whole time. 
I sent him an email informing him that when I sign  up for the conference, I am not expecting them to reveal less print on the published proceedings the contact numbers written on the forms. It was a real negligence on their part. 
Some people sucks big time. Really. 

Now that I had my deprived sleep because of their lack of prudence, it is time to deal with more pressing affairs like reviewing. 

this inspire me. it was the only time I got a perfect score for my entire two years stint at earning my degree.

the hubby gave me some chocolate for being good at school. can you sense his father's instinct on that?

With a hungry stomach, I leave you these wonderful foods that we had when we shopped at the biggest, yet, grocery store in the area. 

squid balls and some dumplings

fruit salad! yum.

and for the things that I missed since:

home made oatmeal cookies. we bake during weekends.

spicy candied mango strips. tasty!

I have so many things to read and only six days to go before the big day. I have to hurry and leave you with those good things above. hope you enjoyed the post. comment on the post if you have questions.

off to reading land. 

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