Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bedroom Walls

The hubby has been on an out of town work so reviewing is harder than I thought because I am a worrier. We are not used to not seeing each other for more than a day so it is reasonable for me to worry.

This is what keeps me refueled every time I get hungry:

Of course I have not added the milk yet and muscovado sugar. :D

I wouldn't lie. 
This preparation for the comprehensive exam of my Masters is difficult.
I can not wait to have it all done. 
I already have 4 major activities awaiting once things were settled on this academic thing. 

For now, here's the photos of the things that makes me useful (since I do not cook much):

I used to do things perfectly. 
I only cook perfect pancakes. 
My clothes are perfectly pressed.
I sometimes miss the way it was. The person that I use to be.

But sometimes we know that life is not perfect.
Nobody warned me that I will meet my real Dad someday. 
And I did. And all hell broke loose.

powder sugar + japanese cake patterns = pancake art

 yummy.perfect with tea (my fave: green tea or four red fruit tea)

I might not be around for at least two weeks. Things will be pretty busy here. But will try posting photos of bento and other stuff.

have a blast.

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