Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello World

I had a tiring week and was glad to see the weekend without pressing deadlines, so I literally cut all ties to the world: no cellphones, no social networking (altho I logged on to check with friend's update but did not go online in chat).

We went shopping for few hours in the Metro, spent more time on the public transpo than the actual shopping and went home with a migraine. In fact, the moment I stepped inside the bedroom I zonked out. Woke up around 8 in the morning so we missed the Sunday Mass again. Bad for the soul. Naughty Migraine (and ugly public transpo airconditioning unit. ugh.)

Surprisingly, I relaxed the whole Sunday. Maybe because there are no papers to submit, no books to read and no schedules to follow. Although my brain is still buzzing from too much activities for the more than a year of studying for my degree, I am now trying to slow it down a bit and getting more focused on the examination and paperwork for my special paper (re:thesis) ahead.

I had my nails polished and happy with the magenta color. And the reason why I am here is that currently my beauty conscious self seems to surface and angry at how my wardrobe seems to filled with clothes that wont fit. I have two choices: trim down to my size two years ago or buy more.

I'll try the "Trim Down". If it doesn't work, I will try the "buy More".

That's how happy I am with my life now.

And I have to update my sidebar. It seems that I do not read fashion mags anymore. Few links will be up in few minutes.

Have a great day ahead.


I am tempted to include a new label here but reluctant to do so. If ever it will be a "fit" label.

Let me buy that weight scale first. Then spend more time with my Wii Sport.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everyday is a Blessing

Sometimes I forget to count my blessings. But I am starting to count mg blessings everyday starting today. Here goes:

Today is a happy day because:
1. I have a great family
2. I have a great P and G.
3. I have the opportunity to earn  my Master's degree with a scholarship program
4. There are lots of loyal friends that surrounds me
5. I am taking control. (I started an exercise and diet program)

There are other things to thank for but don't want to have a very long list. I am planning to start my collection for my mini-library in the new house so I will be buying vintage books for kids. I think they are fun to read. :)


I love this dining table.

Photo Source: unknown

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mind Dump

This is a very surprising day for me. First of all, I was able to exercise for few minutes before preparing for work. We are early and well, that is the best thing so far. I am early at the bus terminal. The traffic is at its worse on Monday mornings and I arrived at work around 7:50AM. And there is more. It was not just a humid day. I get to ride with the best passengers on a Monday morning.

Here's the story:

  Two women board the jeepney bound to the area of my work. Both have kids in tow. One of them sat beside me, the other woman with a baby boy sat beside the woman next to the woman with a little girl sitting beside me. I knew then that the woman beside me do not know how to handle her kid...and I prepared myself for worse...the kid threw up (she got motion sickness)...fortunately (unlucky girl in front of us) not on my feet. The unlucky girl was cool about it and just wiped it off her feet. Imagine the expression of the other passengers face.
Then the baby boy did his part. He cried, bawled and screamed at the top of his lungs. The girl holding him is getting embarrassed so she started shouting at him. To make the story short, she is not the mother of the kid. Then the driver of the vehicle gave her a fan to cool down the kid but since she has been shouting at the baby boy, he keeps on struggling in her arms and screaming at the same time. Someone gave her a feeding bottle and the boy refused. Then the unlucky woman in front of me took the kid and cuddled him. He stopped. Just like that. Then he drink the milk that he refused earlier and drink some more. Everyone on the vehicle were relieved to see him stop. Honestly, I want to throw the woman (who is with the baby boy) for shouting at him that way.

Nice ride we had there.

I announce that tomorrow is Final Examination. Then problems in the office starts popping up and I have to intervene. Sigh.

My Aunt called and told me about the going ons of my Mom's family. Now I am worried again.

The good thing about today:
- I was able to control my diet.
- Finally, since 5 in the morning no coffee intake. I switched to tea recently and hoped to carved my coffee consumption a bit ( to let go of the creamer and sugar)
-I have a complete set of powerpoint presentation for my exams tomorrow. complete. :D
-Printed  my school proposal for funding.
-Got to talk with my Aunt. It's nice to hear a relative's voice once in awhile. I missed her. and she knows when I do. :)
-Will be able to print my copy of lectures since I came in for work.
- My friend Teny gave us a coaster...very cute.
- I had P's vitamins here with me. Bought at the generic drugstore at the office.
-I am about to take my second cup of tea. :)
-My Uncle who will be incharge of the construction of our house arrived from a vacation. It is about time. 

Tomorrow, I will be posting my newest purchase. We are starting to buy things for our new home. I know that there will be lots of things to consider when building the structure started.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The great procrastinator, that's me. And here are some projects that I have been drooling over:

      1. a lap desk by Jessica of Balancing Everything:

      2.  images waiting to be colored by little lovely :

      3. basket with cover project from Sew, Mama, Sew blog:

      4. repurpose old shoes ( I have lots of them) like the one below by crafty Kiddio owner:

      and other links that are very interesting:

      1. learning to write idea for kids (like J and G): Jessica's 
      2. photography blog of AshleyAnn
      3. just write
      4. lima bean

      Friday, May 7, 2010


      I woke up late and missed my Friday Class. So I head straight to the office to stare at my computer and try to keep myself awake until 6PM.

      Here's a photo that I have been staring at for the past 10 minutes:

      Liz Wolfe works. Wonderful. Sweet and Gross. Sometimes I wonder if there is still an artist left in me. For now, I stare and get curious.

      Our home development plans is moving. Got the first print of my house plan. Just the exterior since the originals are still lacking in signatures so we have to wait for another week. The hardwork follows. Negotiation and endless accounting. With hubby not enjoying and making any progress on personal finance, I am taking the full responsibility on handling whatever funds we can raise to build that home. I want my own place and even if it means another ball to juggle on my already full hands, this is something that will be taken without grudge.

      My Bungalow with Mezanine home will be up soon. Although I prefer to see it on its more natural/original form: the cabin style that I fell in love with. The architect gave me a Jap design plan but the interior are quite the same with the original. The Jap design is appropriate to the Asian part where we live so one have no complains about it. But maybe we can work it out. Maybe.

      National Election is on Monday. May God Bless Philippines.


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