Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello World

I had a tiring week and was glad to see the weekend without pressing deadlines, so I literally cut all ties to the world: no cellphones, no social networking (altho I logged on to check with friend's update but did not go online in chat).

We went shopping for few hours in the Metro, spent more time on the public transpo than the actual shopping and went home with a migraine. In fact, the moment I stepped inside the bedroom I zonked out. Woke up around 8 in the morning so we missed the Sunday Mass again. Bad for the soul. Naughty Migraine (and ugly public transpo airconditioning unit. ugh.)

Surprisingly, I relaxed the whole Sunday. Maybe because there are no papers to submit, no books to read and no schedules to follow. Although my brain is still buzzing from too much activities for the more than a year of studying for my degree, I am now trying to slow it down a bit and getting more focused on the examination and paperwork for my special paper (re:thesis) ahead.

I had my nails polished and happy with the magenta color. And the reason why I am here is that currently my beauty conscious self seems to surface and angry at how my wardrobe seems to filled with clothes that wont fit. I have two choices: trim down to my size two years ago or buy more.

I'll try the "Trim Down". If it doesn't work, I will try the "buy More".

That's how happy I am with my life now.

And I have to update my sidebar. It seems that I do not read fashion mags anymore. Few links will be up in few minutes.

Have a great day ahead.


I am tempted to include a new label here but reluctant to do so. If ever it will be a "fit" label.

Let me buy that weight scale first. Then spend more time with my Wii Sport.

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