Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy Hats

It was a very busy month. Since the housing project was already settled: house chosen, deals closed, interior and exterior plans making on progress {read: internet search and items on sale hunting}, and down payment source almost settled, we are now on the roll for the work related activities. 

And yes, no Christmas shopping was ever done yet and it is still on the least of my priorities. We might hit the malls few days before Christmas, and I think like last year, there will be midnight shopping on some major malls where we usually shops.

My {former} classmates on masters had a get-together party and it was themed Crazy Hat! Will be posting photos on weekend. 

Together with my colleague, I conducted talks for universities and will be flying to Cebu tomorrow for another talk and will be back on Thursday morning! These things happening amid migraines that I am suffering from lately. 

Here are some photos from the net that I found on my files:

small space kitchen

photos from

Have a great week, people. I will try to post photos from Cebu once I get the chance.

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  1. Hey, coming over from SWITCHEROOm. About the bathroom border question..
    I just used elmers glue for the border, though I can't attest to how durable it will be since I haven't used the bathroom to shower. But I think it will be solved by putting a couple coats of polyurethane, and just touch up the paint above the border. I'll be doing that soon once we'll be doing our showers there. :) (though take note the poly tends to make it a bit yellowish) Do test it first just to be sure if you'll like the outcome. Thanks!



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