Thursday, December 2, 2010

Project Prospects

I had a crazy week. The workload is heavy but somehow it still made me feel like I have never done them before. Two months away from the job (commitment-wise, if you catch my drift) makes same job exhausting once you go full time again. I can not blog that much so I am posting prospects for projects at home.

On the good news, we were able to get the house and lot. We are now on the process of looking for funds to add for the initial down payment (we do not want to wipe out our savings and our loan will not cover the down payment). I will be posting photos of the house this weekend.

Here are the new links:

1. easy to do tutorials (for beginners):

{via Mr&Mrs.Phillips}

2. More on for little kid (boys) craft and nesting

{via CookCleanCraft}

3. Inspiration and tutorials

{via MadeByJenn}

4. MadebyJenn made a camera strap that I want to do and she got the tutorial from {PriddyCreations}

{photo via PriddyCreations}

There you have it. Hope you will enjoy your weekend. Have a great Friday.

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