Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wings on December

Sometimes I wish magic is real. I am referring to wands, beaded bag with undetectable extension charm (pictured below) and other magic that will make life easier. Whining is what I do when things get so busy around here and my mind seems to freeze and would just stop working.

Hermione and her beaded purse/bag

My point is, December is a busy month because of the holiday season: gifts, shopping, menu, reunions and different parties.
But aside from the holiday, work like a clockwork, will always be busiest during this month. 
People are asking for accomplishment reports, meetings that were never done the entire year but only just now, and new activities that seems to have waited an entire eleven months before they decided to make their appearance.

That's why I am asking for a magical December. Where everyone can get what they want and be happy. 

Now, for the more serious stuff, I have to make few updates on our home-ownership status. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that we will be allowed to convert our lot purchase agreement into a house and lot agreement because we realized that although we are paid to process and make plans as our careers, it does not apply to us on personal life. We, despite our experience in our jobs on organizing and negotiating and coming up with solutions that requires a lot of paper processing, can not even get a building permit without losing our temper because of red tape. Last Saturday, I gave up to the idea that the house plan that I have paid for (around $360) will probably get dust and shelved forever. 

I have seen the chosen house, took photos and hope to post them here. Now, with the hope that it will be given to us, here are the new ideas that I think will help us make it cozy and less-mass produced:

1. will keep this on my stash for the smaller rooms

photo via {letteredcottage}

2. Decorchicks's Molding ideas that turned into a fake wainscot. I really love this idea because the new house look too plain with just paint on them but we will probably unable to afford a real molding and wainscot once we started paying for the mortgage.
the Molding
the beautiful "wainscot"after some paint job

she got the idea here where Joy used laminates for their "fake"  board-and-batten like this one:

image from Joy's blog, you can see tutorial there.

there are other inspirations out there but I might have to limit my entry for now. I will be posting some other DIY soon so that bloggers like me who are on a tight budget can still make their home presentable.

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