Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Here are for the homeowners who are leaning towards green living:

I wanted a home with minimum risk of sickness due to toxic materials. Glasses will be used instead of plastic containers (for the kitchen) and we will probably plant our own vegetables and fruits. {we are already doing that here}.

lady palm
Plants inside the home will be another thing we are planning to include and you can find the list of plants here together with the compounds that they absorb for you. Just to give you an idea, inks and detergents release Benzene. Benzene causes skin and eye irritation {and much more} and carcinogenic. Chinese evergreen is excellent on absorbing both benzene and toluene. And aloe vera {we happen to have a plant that needs replanting because it is already too big for its current pot} will soon have a new place indoors because it absorbs formaldehyde from wax papers and facial tissues.

chinese evergreen

photo credits: indoor tropics

We are not computing our carbon footprints yet, but if you know me well, expect that we will be doing that soon.

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