Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Fun +Work Week's Activities

I had the most relaxing weekend and although my mind is still on its slumber stage from too much work last semester, it is more than ready to function on its current state of capacity.

A Total Quality Control Management training workshop was offered and I grabbed the opportunity to learn more about management. And I learned two things: 

1. I need to review my statistics (for my own career's sake); and
2. TQM is not for everybody. 

I will tell you about it on another post. 

Last Friday I attended a Round Table discussion on the progress of renewable energy in the country and it is one of those things that excites me. ( I will discuss this also on another blog)  It made me think of something about my future home-ownership wish list: 

I want a solar panel on my roof! Regardless of the investment! I am crossing my finger for a subsidy from the government on this one. 

Sometime this week, I had this snack. One of the many sweet things that I love:

You can drool if you want. I wont stop you. I am hungry myself. But I just finished my warm milk and it is impractical to start on sugar at this hour. 

By the way, I used basic ingredients. 
Local too. 
If you are from the PI and have no idea that there are big marsh mallows on supermarket, I am informing you now that there are "for bonfire" sizes. 
If your supermarket does not offer them, go to the nearest 7-11 convenient store.
They have the biggest marshmallows I ever found in the PI. 
Expect a higher price though, compared to the one from the supermarket.  
I also did some organizing. Found out that five minutes of your time can make a big difference. like this one:



five minutes later. 


 We had so any stuff on the table. Glad to put them back on their proper places. Nothing actually belongs on that table except the laptop. We are just too lazy to clean it up.

and for the weekend activity...I was able to convince someone to bake some cookies. teehee! 
But not after he melted the white chocolate the wrong way. 
We had a lumpy white chocolate that should be used for our own version of Reese's peanut cupcake.

 I was able to convince him to bake cookies so that we can use the lumpy white chocolate. 
He agreed and I think he is pretty proud that he did because we were able to push that old oven to work. And finally, it did cooperate.
I was able to fire it up to 350degrees! 
We had a chewy, tasty chocolate cookies. 
It was a drop cookies and I insisted on using my bento cutters on them to give it a little art.
They look huge on the photos (compared to those locally sold cookies). 
And they are really huge! 
About the size of the palm of my hand. 
Imagine how big does a 5'1" woman is. You can do the math.

And tonight, I found this kitchen. I fell in love with it and I know that this is the one that I will try to replicate on our home.

{image from here}

 I am not sure if its allowed to copy the photo from her header. 
But I did anyway. 
Hope linking back is good enough to give due credit. 
I can't lose this photo on my cluttered file again. That's why its on this blog. So that it is easier to look for it when I need it. 
don't you love those open shelves? I love them so much. and they are easy to reach as well.

Hope you had a great week too. 
I have lots of things to do like joining meme. Yes, will start with that one too. but for now, I need to sleep.

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