Monday, June 14, 2010


Not an acronym. 
I just want to emphasize that starting today, this blog will have another category: 


Don't worry, there is no plan on making this a foodie blog. 
Just posting pictures of what I have done creative for the day and it seems that with my busy schedule and lack of flexibility to do what (living with in-laws is fun but it stops you from starting projects because you can not just leave unfinished projects anywhere) I want, bento lunch for the hubby is my only outlet. 

Today, I made my first bento for this year. I have menu for the week and hopefully get myself into doing them while catching up with my work and school that left unattended last week while I procrastinated. 

My inspiration? Biggie's flicker with numerous easy to do bento like this one:

image credit: lunchinabox

okay, i did not copy hers but the photos and creativity of using the ice cream molders on the egg is a genius! This gave me the idea to use my onigiri molds on egg...if I have time, i think.


If only the hubby includes rice on his diet...



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