Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obento overload

we went to the metro today for a dentist appointment and guess what we tumbled upon? 

new branch of japan dollar store! not Japan Homes or Daiso... 

Imagine my delight when I found the cute food picks...and the small sauce container? and the mayonaise container with its cute banana spoon...the reusable food cups...sigh. 

Photos will be up tomorrow. 

I am so tired.

Bento Making, here I come. 

I will leave you this photos from great bento sites:

- you can find all bento-related topics (which includes food safety and recipes)

image credit: Kathy's blog, "O'bento Lunch"
- according to her blog, it is for kids. I assumed ( i did not read her entries but ogled at all those photos she has) the posts are about cute and kid-friendly food layout designs of bento.

-simple, easy to prepare lunch/bento. I'll probably visit this site more often.

- she's one of my favorite. She's from the Philippines too. And she once did me a favor, bento favor: she bought (since I can't go to Makati Area) me my first bento accessories/utensils and even sent it to me at the office (of course I paid for it but going through the hassle of buying it for a total stranger is almost a saint to me). 

image credit: Mrs. Pikko's , "Adventure in Bento Making"*
( I call her such because she refers to her husband Mr. Pikko, and can't find her name anywhere as of writing this entry)
-I wanted to join the contest for this one but I think its impossible, living far far away from her place. Glad to have at least few from that loot earlier. Great blog, plenty of practical tips.

That's all folks. 

If you want more sites, just visit their blogs and look into the blogroll.

Plenty of sites there to visit and learn from. 

Good night.

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