Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today, I feel sore. All over, down to my soul. It has been awhile when my sister posted her social network account her graduation photos. Even if I cut all ties, it has been part of me to check on them once in awhile. Somehow, as a sister it is important to know if they are safe and coping with the life without me and my mother. 
I did not see anything wrong with all the photos except my foster father (step-dad actually) have lost weight and looked older than he should be. Everything is pretty normal to me until I saw one comment from (supposedly) relative of theirs. She referred to my sister (the one after me) using my nickname. I understand why she took on the name, our name sounds the same except for the first syllable. and its fine with me, until I get into emotional mood. What happened to my past now that someone else is using my name?

The good thing about this sad news is that I found my friends (pre-life with Mother) online. Someone responded on my invites already and we have exchanged few words about life when we were kids. The wonderful technology, always bringing surprises to my life.

Anyway, I watched "Book of Eli"and found it okay with my taste but sort of dragging for someone who wants feel-good movie.

School is on and there are tons of reading materials lying around waiting to be picked up and read.

Currently, I am finishing all the works that should be done before Friday.

This week is great except for my feet that is bothering me since last week but they are healing pretty well. I have few photos on my pc at home but did not get into uploading them last night. Will do it tonight. Promise.


The plan for our house is supposed to be delivered today but there are some adjustments on the bill of materials so we have to wait until friday to see the final product.

I think it has been too much excitement on my system that losing track on what we want made me sad this past few days. Initially, it is just the desire to have a place on my own, regardless of size and loft-or-without-loft. Then suddenly its been all computation that my mind has been working on. I engaged hubby into a bout of discussion and we get into some arguments (most of them mine). But today I realized that my unhappiness is self inflicted. I only want a place, and from there we will adjust. that's my initial goal. Hence, i am reminding myself now.

I don't have time for sadness or similar emotions.


Have a hearty laugh today!

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