Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunny Day

I can not think of a good title for today's post.And all I can think about is how great day it was, with the sun making the whole day bright and lovely. I am a sun person, love the sunshine over rain. But it did not stopped me to grab some sleep after 3pm. So I missed the plan of playing with the camera and try the different settings.

Not to bore you much with my unproductive day, here are some photos as I check our room for organization activities:

View under my table:

Finds: the surprising number of perfume and colognes around when I cleaned up my closet (they are everywhere. I think some are stashed on my crates/boxes of miscellaneous things):

new purchase that I love (it is small, can be wall mounted, squeeze on any space, produce cool air):


Great sites found today:

1. Sense and Serendipity- a Filipino food blogger. You will love her blog if you want to learn Philippine cuisine.
2. Keep Learning, Keep Smiling - Another food blog: fast and easy recipe with tons of photos.
3. RouxBe - online cooking school full of online cooking video.


I have been struggling to review for my upcoming exam so things has been pretty busy here. I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

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