Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night Cap

Before I go to bed, few episodes of True Blood will be watched.

Then, here is the promised photo of my home management journal.

It's very helpful, it got everything covered although its still on getting the hang of it phase. Our payment of bills was also scheduled. it was difficult to account everything when we were both thinking that someone is doing the accounting, apparently neither of us did. So we over pay or over drafted. I thought of the idea of coming up with the list of all the bills that we pay monthly and write them on a piece of paper to see what week of the month they usually have to be paid. With some adjustments, we finally have a  schedule of a one month (four weeks) list of bills to be paid! So, every first and third Sunday of the month we can set aside the money for the house expenses (groceries, everyday meal) and drinking water then the rest were distributed on the second Sunday (water bill) and third Sunday (electricity and gas bill, househelp, etc.). So far, it is working well for us. I am hoping that as things gets busy with the review for my exam, the hubby will keep up.

see that pocket there? that's where I put the voucher-like papers so that if the hubby is too lazy to balance it, he's just have to fill it up for me so i can update the list later.

On getting green, I re purposed this Ramen cup container into a toiletries holder

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I still have photos here of foods that needs to be uploaded but have to go back to my True Blood series. it will be up tomorrow together with my Sunday breakfast. 

It's going to be a Weekend Fun photos from now on.

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