Monday, March 8, 2010

Rush Mode

There are so many things that i want to do, all at once. I feel harried and tired just the mere thought of going through all the projects that I was not able to finish the past few weeks. Now,there is nothing that I get to accomplish each day. But I am not unhappy. Just a little stressed.

Stressed leads me to blog surfing and I found these:

1. Frugal Blogger
2. Free Printables for Home Organization
3. DIY for house notebook
4. Organizational Blog with great reading materials

I also found this online photo editor through Pioneerwoman's blog.


I want to buy this:

i will buy it. next week or this week. when i get myself to the phone area. right now I am not into conducting any transaction that involves money, or MY MONEY.

I am still behind my readings and the writing projects are piling up, not because I do not finish my projects as scheduled but it is really impossible to catch up with full time load in Master's degree while full time working and tending a small family. This makes me happy though:


I will try to organize my thoughts and start working on my papers and plans for my job. Tonight I will declutter and hopefully put things on the right track.

For the meantime, enjoy visiting those blogs I have listed.

By the way, I love buko pie. Have you tried them?

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