Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Answer

My other life (school and work) that does not involve P is a complete clutter. So I tried to come up with a system that might help me remember the things that I ought to do before the day end. I hope that I will be able to follow it even if not strictly but somehow hit some of the goals. Here's the list of wonderful sites that can help on organization:

1. Mashable - they have a list of sites where you can sign up membership. This is good for those who are always online.

2. table top paper organizer

I really want this one on our table too.

And hope to start on this one this weekend.

(photosource: organized home blog)

It's Friday. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend. I will probably spending mine catching up with my readings. This week has been fun, we were able to watch the movie "Alice in Wonderland" and scheduled for a massage this Sunday.

A little adjustment of schedule and priorities keeps the gap between me and hubby at bay. I hope we can keep this up despite my tight schedule and upcoming comprehensive examination.

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