Monday, March 1, 2010

Catch Up

My health has been catching up with all the extended work I had for the past busy months. I fell ill twice this week for two different reasons. Shoulder pain/stiff neck kept me down yesterday and cough/flu like symptoms kept my Saturday unproductive. Aside from all these sickness that put my schedule into a complete chaos, I have to deal with procrastination freeze that held me captive for days due to comfort-zone scare thing that seems to scare me out of my wits lately. Can someone really brave a change in their life that remains stagnant for almost five years? Although the job thing has been very challenging over the years, it is the fear of leaving that brainchild behind that is scaring me and of course, starting over and bringing all the discipline that you have to a far stranger environment. sigh.

Until now, my proposal paper is still in limbo. My one month review was left untouched. It's either sickness or confusion, this limiting factors kept me behind the workloads. But I have to catch up. And I need to start now.

I have to recheck my post its and other materials at hand. Maybe I need new inspiration to start my review again.

Hopefully, I will be able to spend a little time catching up on posting photos. I have plenty of photos to upload. And it is summer already!

How about you? I hope you are on the right track of whatever goals you've set for 2010.

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