Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading Materials and Interior Designs

This is a good day. There are deadlines for this week and I have various assignments at school which is a mix of assessments and art-related things. I was able to download my organizer materials yesterday and manages to print them as well. I will be working on them tomorrow when I got the chance to clean up my "spot" which I never got to do the other day.

Today, I hope to stop myself from ogling at interior designs on the net. Sigh. I wanted a house badly. I know. The design was done, the architect was given a go to start working on the plan. I paid the initial down for the plan and the payment for lot is ongoing. But I want to dress the house as soon as possible. And I am hoping that we will have enough resources when that time comes. That is why I am eagerly looking around for minimal designs that will not require lots of purchases. I hope to bring down the expenses when it comes to furnishing our "new"and first home.

I am also convinced that we need to buy a car. Next week we will be working on it so that we can have one before the house building starts. This will make transportation and buying of materials easier for us, and it will also lessen our transportation expenses.

This week is my scheduled buying of the digital camera I have posted last week. I will be making the call today and hope to close the deal before the day ends.

I got a new shirt here from the planning workshop I attended last week and hope that someone in the house will be able to wear it. Not my choice of colors but good enough for working on the garden.

There are lots of things lying around waiting for my attention today so I have to go for now. Enjoy your day.

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