Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Sunday

My Sunday usually spent on bed, catching up on much needed sleep. But today was different because I was able to finish more tasks than intended. By 5:45 pm I was able to do the following:

1. Declutter my "spot" in our room
2. Attend the Sunday Mass
3. Longganisa-egg-fried rice (sinangag)+ coffee breakfast at Jollibee
4. Organized the Wii "box" (accessory + controllers+ nunchuk storage)
5. Grocery (I do this every two weeks, usually after payday)
6. Had a massage (bi-monthly also, after the stiff neck that I suffered from)
7. Pedicure
8. Played wii games ( I am about to start on my movie marathon of True Blood)
9. Spent time with the family
10. Gardening

Remaining activities for the night:

1. Readings
2. Assignment
3. Movie marathon

Will be uploading photos today. On the next post.


I was able to visit tons of blogs today:

1. How About Orange

2. GrainEdit
3. UnderConsideration
4. Patches
5. SewMamaSew
6. SomedayCrafts
7. Sew4Home
8. Remodelholic
9. MakeitandLoveit
10. Photograpy blog
11. color career counselor
12. SimpleDeskTops

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