Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drizzle on a Lazy Sunny Afternoon

Summer is fun, with all the swimming and recreation around. But this summer, with all the load of schoolwork at hand, is kind of different from the previous years. It is my last summer in Graduate School (hoping to finish school by October 2010) and I expect lots of work going on with so many papers and comprehensive exam coming up. So Sunday is the only day that I get to rest and I always have to make the best out of it.

Today, as usual, it is scorching outside (and we got cooler weather here compare to the city) and I don't have a list of things to do. But like last week I was able to finish so many things in the morning and here it is:

1. Attend Morning Mass
2. Buy DVD of Movies that I want to watch this weekend, okay this Sunday.
3. Buy P's fruits for his diet (I got fruits too, strawberry)
4. Get some photos outside (trying my newest gadget: Sony DSC H20 purchase online)
5. Watched the Movie (bought DVD) "Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief"
6. Date with the hubby for breakfast of longganisa, fried rice and egg at McDonald's.

That's all for the morning activities. For this afternoon:

1. Play wii Watch another movie: "Mulan"
2. Organize my "spot". Things are so piled up in there.
3. Arrange my Home management notebook
4. Start with my paper assignments and email before midnight.

there you go. for a weekend of fun. (My digicam battery died on me so i cannot transfer files yet..give me an hour or two)

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