Sunday, March 21, 2010

Morning Dash

I am taking a break for my morning work. We usually hate Monday because of the volume of people coming in for work and public transportation is usually a pain. My normal Monday would be a little bit of ignoring the husband theme because he is grumpy on those days due to hate-late issues. And today is a big change because we were running late and instead of the grumpiness, he told me that he is okay with the rush today because weeks from now we'll never be heading to the terminal hailing buses or jeepney but will be taking our own car with us. It was a relief to hear that from him. To see him happy is good enough for me to start my week happy.

Last night I list the following and was able to finish the following tasks:

1. Play wii . Watch another movie: "Mulan"   "the time traveller's wife"
2. my "spot". ThingOrganize s aree so pild up in there.
3. Arrange my Home management notebook
4. Start with my paper assignments and email before midnight.

I am improving on the discipline area. Being able to finish four tasks out of five is an achievement and I am working on perfecting it. An old discipline can be revisited right? I hope to be more productive.

Will finish the remaining task this afternoon after all the bulk of work in the office. For the meantime, here is a beautiful project that I want to try: Card Table Playhouse.

And by the way, I know now where to buy those sewing machine locally. According to my source, they are cheaper there and this place in Manila is the same city where photo enthusiast (DSLR users) get to buy on the cheap their gadgets. Incidentally, I know these places back in college. I will be visiting it next month to check their prices. I hope we have the car by then so that we will be more comfortable travelling around the city.

Have a great start of your week.

Enjoy Monday.

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