Monday, February 22, 2010


Things are turning around. There are activities that I did not expect and opportunities are popping up. I am hesitant to grab one opportunity but suddenly the good friend (a grad school classmate) turned up and told me he wants the resume now so he can give it to their boss. So there, I am officially into job hunting now. I am worried though about the Program I am currently managing. I have so many plans for the program but I think it is time to take another challenge, a new environment for a change.

This morning I was able to talk to some people who knows about my application. Positive feedback on my application. And I am kind of nervous about informing my boss about my new move. I just hope he will take it well.

If things favorably worked my way, there will be so many things to do. The turn over of the program, the plans that should be will be a rush mode for me. And this will be happening simultaneously with the last leg of my Masters. sigh. Good things don't come easy right?

On easy sweet things, Fig & Ruby is really the best. I love her party ideas and tips. I just keep on staring and loving those cakes and sweets she had in her blog. I will be doing those when I have my free time soon. :)

I am not sure if its okay with her to post here some of her picture but I can not resist. Will right her a note or two later.

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