Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goal Number Two

Aside from the list that intended to be accomplished this year (which I call GOAL 1), I have another goal (GOAL 2) that I have to do before the year ends. It is a saving for the things that I want to buy for our new home, which needs special fund raising since most of our money are being focused on the house purchase.

I have around 2000 on my account right now since my rule is to follow the 10% savings from what I earn every payday. So I am on the right track.

Another good news, we finally able to get a deal from housemates to split the bills in half. The load is lesser on our part and it will give us more space to allocate some of the funds to our new nest. So there. Let's hope things will work out well.

I will soon start hunting thrift stores where I can get some of the things that we will be needing for our home. For the meantime, we already have our final layout for the house. I have some revisions in mind but will have to wait for few days to meet up with our architect guy.

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