Monday, January 18, 2010


It's in the middle of January and I am not done yet with the prep for the start of the year. Literally.

Work wise, we were able to pull off the biggest project that was postponed last year.


Then, we are finally, official home makers. Start of a very challenging task ahead for first time home makers like me. I have a ZERO idea on house building. I am counting on my Uncle to do most of the job for me (ehem, to guide me at least).

Compre Exam and special paper is next term and my books are still sleeping on that corner that I claimed mine. Someone touched slashed re-organized it while dusting the room and now I am in a total chaos. I gets territorial at times specially on claimed spaces which happens to be my "study area". :( I am giving myself one week to start working on my paper and study schedule

I will be working around, moving from one school to another to promote the Program that I am managing (although it seems that someone will be taking over the managing portion soon) so I really have a long year ahead of me with too many discussions with Research Directors (plans, plans. i need output on this one).

My family time is badly managed. I am planning a 7am - 4pm job so I will be running home early: to have plenty of time to study and bonding time with my loved ones. I am keeping up with the 4pm thing so far.

Exercise slash yoga is not on my list but with the 4pm-bound-home schedule that I have schemed, I can squeeze that one in. I just have to heal my body first from the last week's stress and bad cough.


To all those who provided help one way or another on our exhibit and forum last week, THANK YOU.


New Blog Addiction :

1. Dwell - a database of house and design

2. Thriftyfun
- well, thrifty, you know.

3. Sunset - interior design

Wishlist: New Digital Camera
Deadline: February ( yeah, I will be blogging soon for this one)

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