Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thrifting and Bento Stuff

I have been bento-crazed lately (even if I can't go to any bento store to buy supplies) so here is another bento post for you. Bringing lunch to work has been saving me a lot of money and I have been learning a lot. I have learned that:
  •   my rice will be edible even after few hours in my lunchbox if I sprinkle some salt before putting in the hot rice
  • a peeled and sliced apple will not turn brown if you dip it into a salty water (not too salty though) and the apple will not be salty. 
  • a bento box or lunch box athough looking small can be deceiving. I was surprised when I started reading more about bento that the boxes have different capacity. I know, it is no brainer but I though just being visual will enable you to know how much you eat. My ever loyal (G's lunch box, actually) lock*lock is surprisingly 800ml! if you are on a diet, you should watch your lunch box capacity because you tend to packed them full to avoid juggling the food around.
  • Sandwiches in bento are prepared/stashed like below for some reason, not just on space reason: your bread will not be soggy.
photo source: kitchen cow
  •  food that should be served hot, should be maintained in that temperature. Same rule applies to cold foods like sandwiches, yogurt, etc.
Going back to thrifting, I  am happy to show you my latest purchase:

mini cooler brick! they are on sale. 2 pcs for half a dollar.

Lock & Lock insulated bag for half the price: P225.00 

Not bad for two dollars! 

What did you buy lately?

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