Tuesday, May 8, 2012

24 Weeks and It's A She

I have been daydreaming lately. A beautiful girl that I can bond with. I can dress up, buy clothes and celebrate with. We are going to welcome a baby girl soon!

Life has been a bit of a struggle lately. We dismissed our househelp because she forgot that we are the one paying her salary,not the other way around. She wants to lay her own rule in our household. And I don't allow that. She has to go.

We are lucky to find a replacement. She is younger but better than the dismissed maid. I am happy to have her even if she sometimes spend lot of time watching television. The other day, my MIL helped her declutter our "catch-all" room. No photo though. I am not yet sold with the idea of baring our still cluttered room. And because they tidied up the room, I have to decide on my own clutter. My calculation is that I will still wear my maternity dress for awhile. Maybe at least on the 4th month of our baby before I lose all the added weight. But I have been thinking of looking for great shoes and outfit in preparation for my post-maternity activities. I have been eying this winter boots. Never mind that there is no winter here, but with lots of opportunity abroad I have this foresight that I will be needing it soon.

How about you? This is actually on sale and you will be saving lots of money. If I have the budget, I will probably buy this one.

Are you having a great week so far? I do.

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