Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going Do-It-Yourself

It's good to know that we will have our own place before the year2012 starts. And I can finally incorporate my own style on our new home. For my first two projects of DIY here are the plans:

1. Re-upholster an old sofa.

  • Sofa: MIL's old rose-colored sofa
  • Fabric: I have been eyeing Ukay-ukays (Goodwill version of PI). There are several stores near the market that opens only during Saturday. Or a new fabric from Divisoria.
  • Paint: Will buy (I don't have stash of paint somewhere since we are starting on clean slate. No accumulated things for us).
  • Instructions: Little Green Notebook, Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy. They seems to have posted instructions about re-upholster at almost the same time {though AT has referred to Little Green Notebooks DIY that lead me to the blog}. Below are snapshots of their works:
 both made the project look I easy to make. Something that I have to decide once I started the project.

2.  DIY Curtain {Print Using Stencil}

  • Curtain: Thrift Stores or Fabric Stores whichever cost lower. On thrift stores, I am hoping to buy old bed sheets. On Fabric stores, I am eyeing plain, cheap fabrics.
  • Paint: Will buy
  • Instructions: Apartment Therapy, here and here.
These are the pictures from AT:

the projects look easy to do, I hope they are. :D

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